Magnetic Knife Block


Handmade magnetic knife block from the Heatsky Makershop in Mount Rainier, MD.

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Each block is hand crafted with strong rare earth magnets embedded into the back of the block allowing for minimal impact on the the wood’s natural beauty. A stylish method to securely display, kitchen knives, bar tools, or almost anything made with a ferrous metal.  Each block is finished with Odie’s Oil, a long lasting & all natural wood finish.
Installation involves mounting the supplied metal bracket to any vertical surface and the block is ready for use. CAUTION: Rare earth magnetic products should be handled with care, these magnets are strong and could come together with any metal object quickly, potentially causing personal injury. 
Made in Mount Rainier, MD by the Heatsky Makershop

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Block Variations

Cedar, Maple, Walnut 14.25" x 5", Walnut 14.25" x 5.375", Walnut 17" x 3.5"


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